Studio SS&A


...Tra tradizione e innovazione...

The studio was established in Cortina d'Ampezzo in 1968, as a natural step in the development of Italo Scuderi's professional career. In the following years, the firm was entrusted with increasingly important assignments, thanks to an approach based on thorough knowledge of Ampezzo,s traditions, and on an ability to reinterpret and adapt them using the most suitable techniques. In 2008, the studio began its collaboration with the architect Marco Scuderi, and when Laura Canazza also joined the firm in 2010, the decision was made to establish Studio Scuideri e Associati.

The studio's activities are generally focused on the municipality of Cortina d'Ampezzo, and althought it specialises mainly in residential design, it has also undertaken hotel, urban and commercial projects over the years, and even parecipated in international tenders.

 “SS&A” is commited to providing its costumers with very high quality projects, all specially tailored to their individual needs. We offer them the experience  and professionalism that has always distinguished us, and while we are scrupulous in applyng the correct methodology, we also add a further crucial element: creative, attractive design. Our task is to understand and pass on what we know, creating close ties between people and the space around them.

.................COMBINING TRADITION AND INNOVATION..............

We offer a complete service of design and construction, ranging from small appartaments to large villas, and from high fashion shops to hotels and hospitals. We place a special focus on furnishings and interior design, including both the tradiotional mountain style and the latest linear designs, always combining them with new technologies. But while we ensure we keep pace with the times, we never forget the typical flavour of the mountain environment, and of Cortina in particular.


- Indagini e ricerche preliminari - Studi di fattiblità - Concept - Progetti Architettonici nelle diverse fasi. preliminari, finali ed esecutive - Servizi di ingegneria strutturale e progettazione impiantistica forniti da consulenti esterni selezionati - Rapporti con le Amministrazioni locali - Controllo delle norme edilizie ambientali e urbanistiche - Pratiche edilizie(SCIA, DIA, PdC etc) - Perizie estimative - Coordinamento  e gestione in materia di salute e sicurezza dei luoghi di lavoro(Lg 81-08) - Servizi catastali - Certificazione energetica - Preparazione dei computi metrici estimativi e delle specifiche tecniche - Programmazione dei lavori - Controllo del budget - Analisi dei costi - Gestione del cantiere e Direzione Lavori - Collaudo e verifica - Programmazione e gestione della manutenzione.